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PH Ph meter
EC Conductivity meter
DO The dissolved oxygen meter
ISE Ion concentration meter
SS Suspended solid analyzer
COD Chemical oxygen demand (cod) analyzer
TP Total phosphorus analyzer
TN Total nitrogen analyzer
NH3-N Ammonia nitrogen analyzer
TOC Total organic carbon analyzer
BOD Biochemical oxygen demand (cod) analyzer
Turbidity meter
Laboratory consumables
Ultrapure water machine
Moving fluid
Ultrasonic cleaning machine
Analytical balance
Moisture analyzer
Thermostatic waterbath
Bottle distributor
Digital titrator
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Other instruments
Moisture titrator
Potentiometric titration
Atomic fluorescence spectrophotometer
The test bench
Fume hood
Other devices
Material testing machine
The disposable nitrile gloves Love mas
The disposable latex gloves Love mas
Dragon moving fluid
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Friends to scientific instruments(Jiangsu)Co., LTDIs a specialized in water quality monitoring instrument analysis、Chemical analysis testing instrument、General laboratory equipment and reagents supplies the professional company。

The company since its establishment,With the all the time"To solve the problem of users as the starting point and end-result"的"Consultant type"Service concept,We attach importance to probe into the lab and testing center the first line,After fully understand the situation and problems,Work out all kinds of reasonable solution,Designed to allow users to spend the least money to get the most value。We are good at from the product selection、Installation debugging、Application training to after-sales service each link,With professional and reliable、Rich experience、Rapid response service team and many years of accumulation of optimization portfolio of products,Has maintained a high speed and stable development,At the forefront of the laboratory services industry in China。

So far,Maintain regular cooperation with our customers300Several,Potential customers3000Several。Our main customers are widely distributed in environment monitoring、Sewage treatment、Chemical industry(Chemistry)、Food、Pharmaceutical、Iron and steel metallurgy industry,Important customers also include other government agencies、Universities and research institutions。Company in good faith efficient service and professional work earnestly as foothold,Has obtained the good public praise in the customer base。

The main agent brand are:

Chengdu apotheker                 (Ultrapure water machine)

GermanySartorius           (Balance、Moving fluid)

The United StatesThermo Fisher    (The gas phase mass spectrometry、Liquid mass spectrometry、ICP-MS、Ion chromatography)

Beijing's analysis                 (Uv-vis spectrophotometerGraphiteThe furnaceAtomic absorption、The flameAtomic absorption

The United StatesHACH               (Karl fischer moisture tester、CODDeterminationInstrumentAtomic fluorescence photometerMeter

Jinan sea                 (Potentiometric titration、Fat tester、Kjeldahl nitrogen determination apparatus)

Anhui anhui instrument                 (Liquid chromatograph、Ion chromatograph、Atomic absorption

Beijing auspicious day                 (Accelerated solvent extractionInstrument、ICP-MS)

...[In more detail]
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Secura® Precision balance
Dragon moving fluid
Dragon moving fluid
The disposable latex gloves
The disposable latex gloves
Nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves
AGS-XElectronic universal testing machine series
AGS-XSeries electronic universal test
AG-XplusSeries vertical electronic universal testing machine
AG-XplusSeries vertical
AG-XplusSeries desktop electronic universal testing machine
AG-XplusSeries of desktop
Ez-LSeries single column type electronic universal testing machine
Ez-LSeries single column type electronic
AG-Xplus SCMachine type of electronic components
AG-Xplus SCType
ATOGODigital semi-automatic rotation POLAX-2L
ATOGODigital semi-automatic screw
A maleSANLaboratory flume-Professional laboratory accessories
A maleSANLaboratory flume-Specially
A maleSANLaboratory drop of water-Professional laboratory accessories
A maleSANLaboratory drop of water-
A maleSANLaboratory faucets-Professional laboratory accessories
A maleSANLaboratory faucets-
German type fume hood
German type fume hood
American fume hood
American fume hood
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