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Shibei district, Qingdao city, chongqing south road120Qingdao city decoration on the first floorA26Contacts:Manager zhang contact phone number:18561592789
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Qingdao weiye furniture company was founded in whole2015Years,Is a collection of preliminary design、Advocate material choose and buy、Site construction and after-sales service in a body's specialized whole house decorate a company,Provide Qingdao cabinets、Qingdao condole top、Qingdao wardrobe、Qingdao floor heating、Qingdao water heater、Qingdao sliding doors、Qingdao radiator、Qingdao sliding door、Qingdao tatami、Qingdao whole house customization and other services。Since the company was founded,Depending on the design of the innovation、Reasonable quotation、A high level of construction level、The standardized management、Standardized service users won the good reputation。Whole house custom decoration patterns from the idea into reality gradually,For the island owner truly one-stop domestic outfit,Whole house customized services.The model for its time、Worry、The advantage of energy and money has obtained the good market achievement and good user reputation,The traditional decoration pattern has brought the huge impact.A complete reversal of the traditional purchase,Valuation way,In an unprecedented high quality and reasonable price benefit the masses of consumers,New home outfit industry revolution。