• Stick a wall squat down
    There is social shake before,Existing“Stick a wall squat down”,Miss or sisters play!A brief introduction“Stick a wall squat down”The challenge of the rules:Stand facing a wall,And chest is clingy metope,Squat down slowly,Squat down in the process of chest could not leave the wall,Like the little sister! Ok,A complete set of

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  • The department of youth
    On the network said“The department of youth”“The Buddha**”Is the popular words in recent years,What they represent phenomenon?In fact,As long as it is compose in these words“The Buddha”The back of the word,No matter how it will be one word with Buddha nature,Such a person is a Buddha or aspire to Buddha!In our country,For“The Buddha

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  • Please welcome tonsil inflammation
    Please welcome tonsil inflammation the terrier,Actually is“Please welcome Chen duxiu/Li dazhao classmate speech”The derivative of words,Is a kind of fun。The stems popular also spawned some of the new sentence patterns,For example“Please welcome the prostate gland inflammation”、“Please welcome gastroenteritis inflammation”、“Tonsil inflammation of the classmates

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  • Network ten words
    1、Old driver driver,Network term。Meaning in each site、BBS in contact time longer,Familiar with all kinds of rules、Content and technology、Play,And holds a certain resource。“old han”From the folk songs in yunnan《The old driver with me》,This is a classic and grotesque yunnan folk song。

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  • Little milk dogs and German shepherd
      Some time ago,I laughed because the stem several days。  Don't know when to start,Single dogs refine a little milk and little German shepherd two ethnic groups,But the documentary dog is not the same,Little milk and the dog dog is used to describe oneself to like boys girls。  Milk left a small dog,Right hand a small German shepherd,

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  • “Eat the melon”What is the stem?
      In the news reports of a highway,The reporter asked the old man,See what at that time。The old man said I don't know anything,I was eating watermelon。Later on“Onlookers who are unaware of the fact”Spread the word。  News reports in a highway,The reporter asked the old man saw what at that time。I had the old man said

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  • “Confirmed that the eyes”A sudden rejuvenation
      This song《The drunk red cliff》Is2008Years of album released in jj Lin《JJLu》Recorded in the song。Is jj Lin Lin music library one of the few Chinese wind of the songs,Write lyrics from the wenshan,Jj Lin love red cliff。Although many people because the song into the jj Lin“Pit”,But from the society

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  • Circle of friends“18Years old”What is a stem
      It is said that the reason is2017Years12Month31Day,The last batch90After(Was born1999Years12Month31Day)For it18Birthday。This means:Legally,90After grown up,They say goodbye together to the youth!90After,It successfully in this particular point in time brings a great rhythm,00After finally powder

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  • A friend“Look at the”Do you know what is stem
      Don't know if you have this experience:  When you're a person walking in the street,There was a man coming,He quickly took out a piece of color leaflet,Into your hands,Open your mouth and say:“Please learn swimming fitness?”  “Learn about the swimming fitness”Is online popular buzzword“xxLook at the

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  • What is the meaning of man's woman tears
      “Male and female's tears”,2010Early on the network to produce a new word,Its birthplace for baidu to Japan。  Its origin is the earliestQQRelatively popular in the word,“The boy(A man)Watched silent,The girl(A woman)See the will shed tears”,Usually as the title of the article to attract people's eyes

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  • What is the meaning of spluttered pa?
     “Spluttered pa”According to the interpretation of terms baidu refers to some objects produce or friction and collision,Can be used to describe the sound of the fire burning。And here“Spluttered pa”Now is refers to the top of the more popular a kind of network language,Meaning is refers to“make lov”。Spluttered pa is a kind of onomatopoeia words

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  • The most complete2018In the network hot words,Which one do you miss the hot spots?
    You2018,What is made of?The answer is social animals:To work overtime、Correcting、After hot spots。Swathes of the answer is:Hot pot、Milk tea、Fat curtilage water。An answer is:Trill、Sand sculpture、Turn to draw。Make track for a star girl's answer is:Eat the melon、pick、Rainbow fart。......What's your answer?Club of livestock is

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  • What is the meaning of learning Biao
    Students with excellent grades、Students with poor grades、Learn the noun such as cancer emerge in endlessly,Application has been netizens to the extreme,This is the corresponding results are excellent students learn new word Biao arises at the historic moment,Said that what what is melodramatic?  What is the meaning of learning Biao  There is a result good person should not be called students with excellent grades,They always have to pretend that he wasn't learning right before,

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  • Eating slowly beaten by teachers
    According to dehui jilin province public security bureau network security brigade official weibo7Month1Friday evening,A local6Children aged from eating slowly been beaten for preschool teachers,The body injury,The police to illegal behavior person wang mou shall be given administrative detention 15 days,Concurrently impose a fine1000Yuan。The notice said,2019Years7Month1Day9At the right time40About

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  • Millet express
    7Month3Daily news,Recently the state intellectual property office of the announcement released by the trademark office,Millet application first38、39Class label“Millet express”Has been approved。At this point,Millet company name6A“Millet express”The trademark,Class for the first39Class、The first42Class、The first9Class、The first38Class、The first35Class。

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