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Chengdu enterprise development
Chengdu enterprise development

Training the Wolf

Wolves dig、Excitation
Fighting capacity


What to do
Have passion

Team cohesion

The team from top to bottom
Twist into a rope

Never give up

Don't say die easily、Don't give up
Every task

Trip to trust

To eliminate the sense of distance
To cultivate the tacit understanding

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More and more enterprises
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Chengdu military training companies

Mode innovation

Innovation of the project

Innovation activities

Service innovation

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2FExpand Yan dragons·Enterprise training
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Chengdu military training companies
Every time training,
Leave some people and things to remember,
Enjoy nature from ice to liberation,
In the team cohesion,Team sublimation process
3FExpand Yan dragons·In-house training
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Chengdu military training companies
Different team roles not only can be harvested by expanding training management ability to execute
But also
A life unforgettable experience......
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Chengdu military training companies
Chengdu enterprise developmentContinuous10Years
Chengdu enterprise developmentService hundreds of enterprise
Chengdu in-house trainingWord of mouth98%
5FExpand Yan dragons·Expand the base
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  • PI county xujiabu compound base
    Restaurant food,Business meetings,Hotel accommodation,Expand training,Sightseeing tourism experience

    For garden village hotel,Set catering food.Business meetings.Hotel accommodation.Expand training .Tourism as one of the tourist experience…

  • New dragon hill base
    Expand training base

    Dragon hill,Located in the district of chengdu spot bamboo garden town。Covers an area of200Mu,A local river(Jin river water)Flowing,…

  • Chung shan state
    “The giant panda's hometown”

    Chung shan state natural primeval forest park scenic area is located in chengdu, the only giant panda nature reserve,In the saddle river bear…

  • Dujiangyan hongkou tourist area
    National natural ecological reserve

    Dujiangyan hongkou area is national nature reserve,Is a complete new open original ecological protection tourist scenic spot,Set high…

  • Meishan old asan
    The mountain type scenic spot

    With the complex is strewn at random have send,Green hillside green water,Can hear the morning bell and evening drum reminders,The spirit of dip Angle mountain,Scene four seasons diet…

  • PI county mother farm
    In chengdu“Provence”

    PI county farm mother firstAAAAScenic areas,Known as chengdu“Provence”。2010Years6In production,With sightseeing agriculture…

  • Shuangliu yi source
    Fishing,A bonfire,Self-service barbecue,Outreach programs,Real peopleCS

    Yi source in huayang gives to yellow gold travel along the middle shuangliu hing town area,From chengdu23Kilometers,The transportation is convenient。The garden…

  • Shuangliu moon lake
    Five-star rural tourism hotel

    Architectural style of western sichuan folk house style,Simple and elegant,With green hills and water,Pine and bamboo as a whole,Make the person feels like somewhere else…

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