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Class a qualification of landscape design Urban landscaping qualification of national level

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1998Years,Green garden start a business process,The team of infinite vitality and vigor after ten years of vigorous development,Successively in chengdu、Beijing、Chongqing、Four companies in Shanghai was founded,Performance throughout sichuan province、Guizhou、Yunnan province、Shaanxi、Shandong、Shanxi、Anhui province、Fujian、Xinjiang、Beijing、Chongqing、Shanghai、Tianjin province、The city,Now at home to finish all kinds of large and medium-sized design and construction projects3000The remainder term,Annual output value more than design8000Ten thousand yuan,Construction output value more than30000Ten thousand yuan,By the green garden design and construction of the project quality excellent work continuously and high praise in the industry。

Green garden willing, as always, to provide professional quality service for our customers,Contributing to environmental landscape construction of our expertise。

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Poly·Two rivers yard


Longhu·In the nine qingchuan


Longhu·The peak