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    http://ju111.net/Is a production and processing metal materials、Housing construction、Import and export trade、Cross-border electrical contractor、Outside of the service, etc,Industry and trade integration in the enterprise group。Company headquarters is located in zhengzhou China,There are multiple molecular company at home and abroad,The existing staff200Many people,Have bachelor degree or above、Design、Foreign language talents50People,To own and lease the land、The factory area10Million square meters、The foreign trade office space2Thousands of square meters。 With import and export、The customs、The commodity inspection、The steel structure、Design and construction, and other relevant qualification,It happenedCUS-STEEL、Famous brand、Famous brand、Famous brand of life more than well-known brand and product patents。
    CUS-STEELIs international union steel(CUS-GROUP)Affiliate products for metal and construction companies to the unification of the brand and registered trademark,Including plating steel sheet、Metal materials、Steel structure building、Sheet metal profiles、Housing construction、The door、The production of cold storage, and other products、Processing and trade。

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